What I’m doing here ?

First of all

I want to say that I created this blog to write about what I do, what I think, what I care about , in a few words I want to write about the Journey of my Life.

It will be like an online Diary.

I had an attempt writing an diary on paper when I was a child , not really a child, somewhere between twelve-thirteen  years but still I was a young boy.

Didn’t work for me and I’ll tell you why.

I wrote two maybe three  months before my brothers find it and read it and make fun of my , I was so angry that if I had more power I knocked them up, all three of them at once . Nice dreams. πŸ˜€

So that phase passed , I didn’t care anymore if they read or not my diary because I didn’t write anything more I just let the time pass and do nothing about that. 

In one day I figured out that I like to write, I like to tell stories, I like to share my craziness, I like to meet new people and blogging gived me the opportunity to do that.

But, I didn’t know how to do it without writing a diary , not because my brothers will read it and laugh again. Now I don’t care anymore what they will do.  They are grownups now hope to act like it and maybe they could support me if they will find out that I have a blog but if they will for sure will make jokes about it. Brothers..  who understands them ? πŸ™‚

Searching the net,

One day I discovered Blogger great opportunity for me but with no result ..

Here is my old blog http://paul-living.blogspot.ro/ , looks like shit and has no relevant information’s but for me was a great thing. I wrote like four posts and then I decided that it wasn’t for me ..

A few years passed,

Sometime ago I was reading some posts on http://construimimperii.ro/ and at one post I wanted to leave a comment but they didn’t let me unless I had an account on http://wordpress.com . So I create an account and leaved the comment πŸ˜‰ .

More time passed and in a boring day I decided to verify my email and make some cleaning there. When I got to the read email I seen that I had an account on WordPress , then I didn’t what it is it and decided to check it out. Said and done. I found out that I could write on it like the Blogger, I was very happy but I didn’t do anything ..

More and more time passed, a few months if I remember quite well.

Wasting time on Facebook or doing something boring I remembered that I have an account on WordPress and I could write something on it. In few seconds, maybe a minute or two πŸ˜€ I posted my first post on November 27, 2013 .

Check it out: SMILE

I were very proud of me . I had and why, because I posted a picture with the description SMILE , something big for me, very big I could say πŸ™‚

But, nothing happened..

( I see now that I posted my first post with a day before my best friend’s birthday ) πŸ˜€

One year and a few months passed and this came out : My first post 

Was the first post I written on WordPress , I was so excited but afraid in the same time because I didn’t know what others will say about that.

Suddenly I realized that nobody will see my content because nobody followed me, I felt happy but in the same time sad because I couldn’t get some feedback and if i couldn’t get feedback why I am writing for ?

The universe had a plan.

In a very short time before I posted my first post I received an email from WordPress, I was like ” WOW , What it is this ? “

In the email was an invitation at the blogging101 course and I had a few days until the course started, a blessing by the Gods because I never open emails at the proper time and lose what they have to offer

I applied right away! 

Now I have some followers and someone who can read and give me a feedback about my posts.

Feels great knowing that someone can read your content and say something about it.

And despite the fact that sometimes I don’t know if I offer a good story or waste the time of my readers

with my posts, I am glad that I am writing and I’m glad that I started this course and the most important

I AM GRATEFUL for all the good things that happened.

Now in the end I want to say :

A feed-back if I get,

A joy you will set,

A good thought for me,

A nice post it will be,  πŸ˜€

Paul R.  



  1. I like the way your write, clear and lively. I’m glad you came on wordpress… it is wonderful. As for readers…well I love it when someone follows my blog, and comments. I like the idea that my words in my blog will just go out into cyberspace…forever. I hope other bloggers read it, but if they don’t–well, the point is they COULD. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is funny that in this time when you send this text I commented almost the same on your blog without knowing that I you leaved me almost the same message.
      Pretty nice, πŸ˜€


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