This photo I just take it to put it on my CV , It was taken in a hurry because I needed to send it very quick .

I had an interview on skype and needed a photo on my CV.

I had applied to a job in America , I enrolled in work&travel program and this picture was taken before I did my first interview .

The photo will always remember me my first attempt to get a job through skype in America.

It will be like before and after , I will take a picture when I will come home from America and then I will check out how I changed .

I’m excited to leave my country and go to America , to meet new people , to learn new things , to learn about other cultures .

I never leaved my country , I never were abroad .

I saw so many movies created in America .

I will work hard, raise money and then I will travel and see the great Country . 😀

I will take so many pictures that I will not have enough space on my cellphone to save it all.

It will be interesting and you will hear about my life journey .

I will keep you in touch with what I will do .

We’ll be together for better or for worse. 😀

Peace! 🙂

Paul R.



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