Almost done

In previously post I told you that I am changing the platform..

I did some big mistakes with the new one .. So I needed to fix it. Lots of headaches but one thing I can tell you for shure now, It’s almost done.. 80% and I think in 2-3 days I will share it with the world and you of course 🙂 

Still.. I am experimenting the new platform so it would take some time until everything will be definitive. 

But don’t worry about that cuz everything will be all right. 

And with the new platform I will be present more often. It will be a win-win ( this was the only good thing that I learned at university hahahaha of course beside drinking and partying )
In this year I set many projects to be done and this was the first one. 

The rest are even bigger goals so don’t lose the chance to see what I’ve planed for this year and follow me in the future like you did till now. 

And I thank you for your support and being here for me.


Paul Roman

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