I am writing to let you know that I am changing the platform and I’m going on a paid version of WordPress ,

I’ll be with the big boy’s now hahaha.

I decided few month’s ago to move but didn’t find  the time to make all the changes and transfer’s and everything involved in.

Now somehow I took the decision to move. I want the paid version of WordPress because I want to start monetizing it and with free version you couldn’t do it.

This is the beginning for everything to me 🙂

I have big plans this year. I will do thing’s I never did before and always wanted to do..

This is my STARTER year.

Keep follow me on the new wordpress and you will see some amazing thing’s.

It will take a few days more to fix the new wordpress .. I’m not a tech to solve everything very fast, I’m new to this and I’m tacking it slowly . I don’t want to do something wrong and then need to fix it again or pay someone to do it for me.. it just mustn’t happen.

I’m really excited.

I will be back when all its fix and ready to go 😀

Soon we will have a new HOME

Thank you for everything!


Paul Roman

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