I can’t wait to see you,

I can’t wait to smell you,

I can’t wait to feel you,

I can’t wait to love you ,

I just can’t…

My view.. is true to you

My smell.. is committed to you

My feels.. are addicted to you

My love.. is pure for you

Everything.. is lost.. without you.

You’re my eyes,

You’re my nose,

You’re my body,

You’re my soul,

You’re everything I know..

Starting now, the last countdown 

Every day that must shall pass,

Me and you approaching doe’s,

I’m ready now to come..

Don’t think twice, just let me come..

Paul R.



  1. You have some interesting stuff & I like you’re “The Secret” theme, but there is a tinny itsy-bitsy problem which I would consider to change if I would be you. You wouldn’t want that your readers, who love your beautiful thoughts so much, would get blind, no? It is a bit difficult to read properly with this background. That’s just a friendly advice, do as you wish.
    Nice poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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