So this is it .. 2017 already ..

New beginning , new me, new you , new everyone 😊

I’m not going to say what I have on my To Do list on this New year but I’ll show you something.. This is the..


( by the way.. that Bob Marley in the left is my own creation hahaha )

I gave to myself 6 months of preparation, this time I will not fail.

Nothing could stop me now ( of course dyeing tragically could be a little of a trouble ..  but until then let’s enjoy the moment hahahaha )

And this is Zingel von le travelstraucher

of course he came uninvited but what could I do ? Throw him out in wind and cold ? No way he’s my friend now Zingel von travelstraucher. Good guy , he is just sitting there and watch everyone, not strange at all.

He came on 01.01 2017 exactly on 12:00, I don’t know why .. he’s not telling me.

But I have a guess.. but please, please don’t tell him if I’ll tell you. Who knows what could happen..

I think (whispering) he came to be sure that this year I will achieve my biggest dream.. shhhh, make quite!  ..  ( a few moments of silence )

He’s watching..

Yes, and to force me do the worse thing ever.. make me travel if I will change my mind.


Paul Roman

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