You know ..

 I  left my country a few months ago because in there you couldn’t do lots of thing’s like here, England. You didn’t have so many possibilities..
I left because I wanted to see how other people are , how they’re acting, how the life is in an another country, to se how people are living.

I can tell you that it’s beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent and so on .. but .. I miss my friends , I miss our meetings when we where getting around 15-20 people.. 

I really miss that time’s . 

I miss when we where getting out and drink till morning light and after we where going to one of us who it was alone and continue the party till the next night if we could “survive” haha ha. 

I miss lot’s of thing’s but.. I came here because I have a plan so I need to stick to it till I will succeed.

In this period of holidays it’s hard for me to be anywhere else than home.. 

But this is life.. if you want something badly you need to make sacrifices.

It’s first time when I spend my Christmas somewhere else than my town.

But still .. I have my brother with me so that is a good thing 🙂

And ye I think I’m getting drunk tonight haha ha. 

I quit my job and that means that I’m free to do what I want till I will get hired again..

So, I will not spend this night in vain haha ha.


Thanks for reading me 😀
Paul R.

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