I quit my job two weeks ago thinking that I will go travelling but didn’t happen ..

Now the money are getting less and less and I think I will need to get a job quick

The good thing is that I went a few day’s ago to Manchester to see this new project that one friend of mine told me about, he called me from Romania to let me know about this event because he knew that I want to travel allot but I’m afraid that I will spend all the money on one trip and then I need to come back, to get a job again, to do what I don’t like just to raise money and so one.

So I went to this event, it was a workshop too so I attended at it.

I was interested  in what he told me because he said that this project could give me the freedom to travel that I wish for a long time.

I went, I saw and I signed up.

It’s about World Ventures and their Dream Trips, I saw a possibility here, to do what I like and that is Travel and have an income doing that. In this way I will not be afraid anymore that I could run out of money..

The only thing is that I spend 80% of my money with the signing fees and my trip to Manchester and back.. so that means that I need to find a job quick to not die of starving hahha ha .

I’m excited , now we gonna see what will happen.

Of course I’m thinking to get my own domain and post there in the future but we gonna see.

Cheers! 😀

Paul R.

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