Bear Grylls 

Hello people 🙂

This weekend I volunteered at Bear Grylls Survival Race in Trent Park, London. 

All my life I wanted to volunteer somewhere where I can be just by myself and lots of unknown people. 

And this event was ideal for me because I was by myself there and no known people where there. Just me and a bunch of strangers hahha ha. 

I enjoyed the time I spend with other volunteers and medic’s and all the people involved in the race. 

BUT the only thing I didn’t like was that … 

I sign up a month ago for a event, the thing was that I didn’t really know if I am gonna be accepted so I didn’t make a fuss of it.

I was waiting and waiting and an email appears on my inbox from “Manager of Bear Grylls Survival Race” 

I was so excited before even to open the mail because i knew that could be a good news or a bad one .. so I preferred to enjoy that little moment of unknown happiness for a few minutes.

The I took a heavy breathing and opened the e-mail 

” Hello Mr Paul R. ….. yes we still need volunteers ….. see you on 9 sunday . ” 

I couldn’t believe it , I was truly amazed . ( In my country it is not so easy to be accepted in one event like volunteer.. but you know why ? Of course you don’t .. in my country you don’t have where to volunteer 😐 )

I felt so full filed, I felt like it was for the first time when things where happening in the right way.

We exchanged a few email during the days that went on. 

Days passed and the event was approaching fast. I didn’t know even what to wear because I hadn’t had any water proof or something like that, clothes.. so I thought for a few days what to wear. Of course I didn’t bought any water proof clothes I just prepared a few rounds of clothes to change if it will rain. 

All good till now. 

Before going to the event I worked till 11 PM , I came home and I prepared everything to take in the morning with me. ( I had to take rough decisions what to take because I had a medium backpack so I couldn’t take 2 pairs of shoes for example and I had to think how am i gonna fit my motorcycle clothes inside my backpack because I tried to do it plenty of times and didn’t work.. but I thought that everything will solve by itself once I will arrive there) 

I spent a few hours to chose again what to take and what to leave cuz they where to many..

Finally I finished and went to bed , it was 2 am now.. of course I didn’t fall asleep right away .. it was a struggle that took almost one hour. 

Finally I felt asleep and after , I don’t know.. 10 – 15 minutes later my brother came into the room ( we are sharing the room, (it’s cheaper) )  

Of course that he wakes me up without wanting that.. (he didn’t know that I’m going , he didn’t knew about the event, I didn’t want to tell anyone even my brother because I wanted to go just by myself . Just Me, Myself and I ( it is a song with this name, it’s a nice song by the way) ) 

So.. I was awake now .. I spoke with my brother half to one hour until he was snoring ( yeah, you are snoring very loud if you read this article hahha ha) 

It was almost 4 pm and my clock was set on 5:30 Am …

I was feeling already tired and I had a hard day at work to, it was very busy that day. 

In 10-20 minutes I think I was snoring to in the accompaniment of my brother . Ha ha ha ha 🙂 (only my brother could tell you if I snored )

The sleep time fly and when the clock rang I didn’t hear it for the first time.. so tired I was.

Second rang I wake up scared because I thought that I missed it. 

I woke up so sweat , I couldn’t believe it. I changed my clothes but it was no time for shower. I had one hour to arrive at Trent Park and it was already elapsing.

( My brother was still snoring hahha ha , when I woke up he just changed his position on the other side of the bed)

I look at the “mountain” who sat on the table.. and I thought to myself “Who the f**k put so many clothes” ha ha ha .. (I was tired 🙂 )

In 5 minutes I had in my backpack just a pair of shoes, one shirt and one towel and that was it. A lot of space remained because I decided that I don’t need anything else.

I was ready , I took a banana from fridge and one apple from the table and that was it. 

Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you that I drank one liter of water before going . ( This is my new detoxing way to clean my body)

I took the motorcycle in front of the house from the backyard, I prepared my phone with Google maps on it because I didn’t know the way. I put my helmet on and fix the headphones ( I had sports headphones, very hard to put the helmet and the headphones together) . And on may way I was.

6:03 Already, my GPS told me that I’m going to make 32 minutes. I knew that I’m gonna arrive earlier than 32 minutes if the goggle maps will show me the right way.. Of course he didn’t and I spend another 15 minutes searching. 

I forgot to tell you that Friday I was off on evening and I drove to Trent Park just to se the surroundings and if I’m gonna get lost to have some points who will remind me the right way.

Good that I knew the way already.

I arrived there at 6:47 , late but not to late.

I said hello and I told them that I’m volunteering. They took me right away to sign some papers and that was all. 

I asked about a locker to put my leather clothes, backpack and helmet . During this time I eat the banana.

Changed and ready to go. I return to the others and we where unpacking some masks from some boxes. 

In haf hour they had a meeting and did the teams. 

All good. 

The teams split because every team had different area to cover.

I make some friends during the walk to see our area and to see who will do what and at which obstacles. 

Nice area I can say, very nice but It was very cold to.

The team divided and I was send to water point with another volunteer. 

Our job was to fill the cups for runners and to support them during the run. Nothing hard.

I spoke a little bit with the lady but we didn’t had to many things in common so we stick to ordinary conversation like weather, her child, her dog, her life, how her son did that and this, about the weather again and so on all day. 

I wanted to know everything about the event, how they did it, how much money where involved, when Bear Grylls will come, how many people where in. 

Maybe I’m gonna do a event like that to so I wanted to know but she wasn’t the right person to tell me because she didn’t care about these things. Fool me..

The thing was that it wasn’t anyone else there to ask.. she was the only one and me , of course.

Together we gave a lot of water. Water for 400 people. We became friends.

Runner’s where funny. They where so tired but they still had the sense of humor.

We were telling joke’s in second’s, some of them where staying a few minutes to chat. 

Good people.

Lunch came , 1 tuna sandwich and one apple. I was starving. 

It wasn’t enough for me but I didn’t complain, it was alright. A few hours left and then I will go to restaurant to eat something. 
A hour later the management came with protein bar’s for runner’s. 

I think I eat 7-8 bar’s hahha ha. I was hungry so I eat a few of them. 

All good till now.

We where on the last 2 hours and I was dying to know when Bear Grylls will came because I was a big fan of his and I wanted to see him in real life and take a picture of him and even if I could to make a selfie with him. 

2 runner’s came and brought me some “protein” . Protein that Bear gave all the runner’s to eat. 

Nice runner’s, I really wanted to try this “protein” ha ha ha ha 

And of course that I eat all of them hahha ha 

They where crispy to and tasty , I couldn’t believe it because I thought that they will gonna be disgusting but the weren’t. 

All day was so nice, I meet new people from different countries and religions and different thinking. I meet Romanians to, I was amazed 🙂 . 

30 K it isn’t a short even to walk but try to run it and pass all the obstacles, it’s crazy. It’s not easy, this for sure I can tell you.

But the only thing I didn’t like was that..

Bear Grylls DIDN’T CAME !!!

He didn’t show his face all day long..

The other volunteers told me that he came one day before for a haf hour.. and he is quite short .

I couldn’t believed.. I did all the sacrifice that I could to came and volunteer and to see him after and he didn’t even bothered to came.. 

I know that he might be busy but..

  • I catch a cold
  • I freezed 
  • I starved 
  • I slept 2-3 hours 
  • I took a day off
  • I got lost
  • I sweated 
  • I heard my brother snoring ( haha ha) 

Everything just to be there and help and of course see him.. And he didn’t even bother to came at his event.

All the people who run at his race maybe they wanted to see him to, maybe they wanted to shake his hand or just to be near him.

I don’t know if I were Bear Grylls I didn’t miss my race. I would came for one hour at least to see the people who are running in my race..

If I were Bear Grylls .. but I’m not..

And now I need to live with disappointment…

But something changed in me and now I want more , I want to know more , I want to volunteer more, I want to involve and help more, I want to do more.

Now I want more to learn, see, read, listen, feel, travel, live, love, give, make friends, and I can go on till next month 🙂 .

Paul R

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