I don’t know..

I have a few month’s from when I’m thinking what to do with my life .. 
Which road to go ? , Which way to chose? 

Lots of question’s like that but I don’t know.. I really don’t know

The thing is that in this month’s lots of things happened. 

I worked half year in a cinema.

I almost learned a song to play at ukulele.

I left my country.

I moved to United kingdom.

I let my hair grow and now it is at a long length.

I paid all my debs.

I achieve a big dream, I bought a motorcycle.

New phone. Motorcycle clothes, everything I needed.

I helped one friend to came in UK.

I went to a boat party were we shouldn’t because it was just for Lloyd’s employees but we managed to get in.

I went to a party in a big club.

I meet some nice girls . 

Im letting my beard grow.

I had a motorcycle accident.
Lots of things happened and most of them in London hahha.

The thing is that I don’t know if I’m gonna write anymore.. This may be one of my last posts..

 I don’t know..

These days Im thinking a lot of traveling .. 

Travelling around the world sounds good for me.

 Im  riding a lot my bike , doesn’t matter the weather. I had plenty of almost falling moments. But not it is the important thing now. The important one is that I want to travel , to see new things , to see other kind of people, of culture, of living and lifestyle. I want to climb mountains , to see Aurora Borealis, the pyramid’s, the great canyon, Sahara, Africa, live in wildwood for a wile, to see Machu Picchu, mountain Ethos and I can go one like this till morning 🙂

I know .. I want lots of things.. but .. it’s my life so I can wish how many things I can.

The thing is that I’m putting some money on side for “The big trip” .. We gonna see, the big trip it should be in 8-10 months from now. I’m excited already haha ha.

But before “The big trip” I want to see Malta for a few days , I hope that I’m gonna achieve this goal in January 2017. 

This blog is like a dairy, I’m writing for myself but feedback is very welcomed.


Paul R.


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