Dream Vision..

Hey , I’m back 🙂

I Had a dream last night, actually this morning cuz I went to bed somewhere between 7-8 AM .

In this dream I was a writer and I was winning my existence by writing, I was feeling so good, so satisfied, so accomplished. It was a very good feeling.

In the dream I was travelling around the world with my laptop and a camera with which I was taking great photo’s and then sell them.

I was writing at cafe’s, motel’s on the road, in train’s, pub’s, everywhere.

The weather, the environment, the sky where so beautiful, so full of meaning.. and I was catching the moment’s on my camera, it was perfect.

I was laughing about something, I don’t remember why but doesn’t matter now, matters that I was very happy and that’s all that counts now.

The dream was only sugar and honey, for a long long time I haven’t dreamed a dream so refreshing .

Now when I woke up, actually an hour ago, I was fulfilled and happy I could do anything, it seemed that everything is possible.

So I woke up and my eyes even didn’t where open properly and my phone rang. With my misty eyes and almost closed I read the message:

” From now your program it will be full in weekends and some hours in the rest of the week to complete your 40 hours/week”

In my mind was wtf ? .. I said that they are mad to change my program like that without telling me before doing it .. but .. then I reminded that it is even good for me because I can take one more job and I will have two, one for the week and one for the weekend. Of course free time when ? I am thinking about this. 🙂

The thing is that I could volunteer In Africa or India with the money that I will earn at this two jobs. I can pay my program faster than I thought before. I am looking forward for that.

I am excited!!

Now I need to take another job fast because the program it’s almost starting.

Hope to manage and succeed in this.

And when you think that the writing give me a kick in the ass and a step forward.

Writing it’s a good antidepressant, hahahaha 🙂

Now let’s see how things go.

That’s all for today, Now I am going to drink a coffee.

Peace !

Paul R.

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