Hey all!

I signed up for this course #Blogging201 because I want to learn more and gain more readers and followers and beside this to make friends and see new things. 🙂

This is the first day and the assignment is that I need to set three goals for my blog.

So let’s begin:

1’st goal is to finish this course

because I had signed in the past to a few courses like this and I didn’t finish at least one.. so it is a challenge for me and a goal to..

Second goal is to write more

here I mean that I want to write more often, like a few articles per day/week 

Third goal it is to make a habit in writing and reading others work

here I mean that I want to be more active on WordPress, writing and interacting with others

And if you want to see more about me and why I am here you could throw an eye on 😀

What I am doing here

That’s all for now 😀

Paul R.


  1. If I can give you an advice, writing consistently is more important writing frequently. so that your audience know when to expect your writing. If you’re doing three posts per week, that’s also fine as long as you keep it up.

    Anyway, welcome to the bloggingverse and hoping to see more.


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