Decisions , Thoughts

Crap .. What to do ?

To move to another town and work or stay here and finish the studies ?

To try to make a future there ? , to make me a future there? 

I don’t know .. I really don’t know what to say ..

If I move to another town what will happen with my unfinished studies ?

If I passed the year I will stop it ? ..

If I didn’t pass the year it is pretty simple .. I will employ here and work until I will find something to work abroad and the I will move there. Despite the fact that I have my faculty in progress I am opened to leave it and go work abroad even if I passed the year or not…

I am thinking at the money .. I kinda miss them and because this I kinda feel pretty small in front of others who have lots of money.. 

I have almost everything .. actually I have lots of shortcomings but if I will have some earnings it will compensate the shortcomings and I could fill some of them…

But all this are nothings comparing with my desire to be independent and to live with on my own “back” how it says

And I want very much to live in another town , to see new people , to make new friends , to don’t know anybody , saying yes to another life.

To take it from the scratch I could say..

But it is in balance the leaving with staying ..

And eventually if I stay home and I finish my studies when I will end the faculty what I would do then ? 

I don’t know…

But if I will divorce my town and move in another then I would get a job there and it may be good for me and make a future and a career ..  it is likely that in the years that I could be lost wasting time and doing nothing , just going to school and back and doing the faculty just to be there because my parents want to have a higher education and they want to finish it for them but they aren’t giving me a  money for it or paying it, I would prefer to go working and making a career of it and then I will continue my studies or I will start others that I will need for my job..

That sound more better in my mind , hahhhaa

Here are a few things that I think you didn’t know:

In my country (Romania) minimum wage is almost 950 Ron, equivalent of :

240 dollars and almost 50 cents / per month , 1 dollar= 3,95 Ron

214 euros and a few euro cents / per month , 1 euro = 4,43 Ron

With this amount of money you could do almost nothing, especially if you are a teenager..

So, going abroad and working could give a chance to earn more money and to put aside some to start a business one day.

Because that a lot of people are going to work abroad.

Have a nice day!


Paul R. 

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