Ed, Edd n Eddy the lost episode 34

I just finished doing my meal and I was preparing to eat when an idea came ..

For the sake of good ages when I was a child,

I decided to eat at the laptop and watch a cartoon during the eating like I used to do in childhood 🙂

So I searched the YouTube to choose a cartoon to watch and I chosen Ed, Edd n Eddy because it was one of my favorite when I was a child, they made me laugh often 😀

Said and done, I selected an episode, I pushed play button and start eating and watching the cartoon.

I was eating and laughing in the same time. I chosen an episode where the action was spent on Valentines Day.

Two of the cartoons characters where playing the role of cupid and they where shooting with theirs arrows on the rest of characters to get them in love.

The action was running so until one of the characters decided to do something about that because every one were in love and didn’t care about anything else except their lovers.

So, this cartoon character solved the problem and got rid of the cupids. Doing that everyone have returned to normal .

And the character said to all when finished ” The hard reality of your miserable life has been restored

Haa , Ha, ha .

I laughed so much when I heard that. 😀

If you like Ed, Edd n Eddy you could watch the episode too, the name of the episode is

Ed Edd n Eddy – hanky panky hullabaloo

Seeing this episode I decided to download and watch all the seasons and episodes and in each day to see an episode or maybe too because it makes my day happier 😀

But ..

with this I found out that one of the episodes was very creepy and it was broadcasted just once , more accurate the episode 34 . I find out that the episode was deleted after broadcasting because they had a lot of claims about the strange content in the cartoon.

The episode was broadcasted on 21 July 2003 for the first and the last time for the audience and then till now nobody had seen that episode .

It remains only people who had seen the cartoon at TV when was broadcast for the first and last time. They are talking about how horrible it was and how that cartoon changed their life because when they had seen it they had four-five years.

I can’t believe that and I searched the web about this thing and all I found it is some footage and some sound on You Tube but I don’t think that are real , I think that it is a fake because where they found the footage and sounds ?

The thing is that the maker was sick in that period, I read that he was on the deathbed . So I think that he created an end of cartoon because he thought that he will be gone and had felt that must happen with the cartoon to. Because that he created an evil, strange, end cartoon  and had created like he was feeling in that moment ( I read somewhere that he was sick of plague ) .

Of course I’m not sure of all of this because I didn’t find concrete things but people say that thy saw the episode in 2003.

I don’t know what to think about this .. but I want to see the episode ..

I believe that episode exist because a lot of cartoons are having some strange episodes that they don’t broadcast but some how the episode reach in the hands of the people and they are spreading it.

It could be a scheme to make people watch the cartoon again and to make advertise of cartoon..

I don’t know what to believe .. But I would like to see the Ed, Edd n Eddy the lost episode 34

Here is something about that episode on You Tube

Ed Edd n Eddy: The lost episode [Episode 34] [☠CreepyPasta Narration☠]

I wish to see that episode .. If you know something about that episode please share with me.

Thank you for reading , I just wanted to share this new thing that I found 🙂

Have a nice Week! 😀

Paul R.


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