Working ..

I am at work now, I have no time to spend on writing or anything else because if my employer sees me with the phone he thinks that I waste the time cheching facebook , ( shit , he just saw me ha, ha ha) like I am dumb to check facebook every hour/minute .
I write this because I want to share with you this


my brand new friend , ha ha ha :d
I will call him Khatos , 🙂
He is stealling from our gardbage every day and beside this he is watching allmost all the day.
It is like our supervizeir but our friend supervizeir. :d
That’s all . Hope that I wrote right , I was and still am in a hurry writing this.
Now a few more pictures with Khatos 🙂




I like this pic more than others because shows how hard he tries to do his job , ha ha ha 🙂
I’m done now!

Have a gorgeous day !!! :d

Paul R.

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