Playing :)

Hey there! 😀 

I just did this with adobe Photoshop CS6 😀 hero

I am at the beginning with the program and for me almost all the images that I edit or I create are looking good , hhha ha 😀

I know that it isn’t perfect or almost there but in the future I will do it more accurate.

I have seen an image and I thought that the background it isn’t fit with the image and I thought to change the background and some few things in it. I did what I know at this time to do , ha ha ha 🙂

I started with this ..


and a few hours later the masterpiece relieved , ha ha ha .

I know , it isn’t my content and I have no right to edit it or do something with it without buying it or having some right on that image but I like playing and when in my mind sets a change for an image I need to do it to see how it will look after I will done with it :D. Plus that I don’t commercialize the image , I respect the copy right policy I just do it for my fun and for learning how Photoshop works because I want to know all his secrets and maybe in one day I will earn some money with it.

My parents can’t think that people could make a life without working in each day and having a “real job” like working at McDonald’s or something like this, they could not believe that people could earn enough money to live a life staying on PC and working for home or anywhere but working at a PC .

I just want to show them that it is possible and with saying this I mean that I want to show them that I could earn money “wasting time” at the PC , not much money just a few to prove that It is possible to earn money “wasting time” .

You could give me a feedback for this images 😀 , I want to know your opinion and maybe you have some advice to give.

Thank you for being here! 🙂

Paul R.


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