Let’s see what this button do! 😀

Paul Roman

Hey there,

I found love..

in a kiwi 😀

I was doing a fruit salad for me and suddenly I realized that I see hearts , couldn’t believe it.

The kiwi was showing me love.

I was cleaning a kiwi and when I finished it I started to slice it.

Whit every slice I cut from the kiwi I felt that that kiwi wanted to show me something, I felt it in my hand ( he was very wet, more than normal ) .

I didn’t give any attention because I thought that it is something natural, I didn’t think that that kiwi had a crush on me.

Ok, I finished to slice it and then I saw …( lights, fireworks, trumpets ) I saw the heart of that kiwi, so beautiful, so perfect, just in his middle body, with a perfect shape and in each slice was the same heart,

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