Sea side..

Today’s task for photography101 is to post an image with Water.. Easy till now 😀

This is the image I thought for this task 🙂


Sea side, Costinesti – Romania

Beautiful contrast of colors 😀

It was a great night coming, It was so beautiful that every time I watch the photos

that I did in that trip I feel like I relive the moment.

I feel like a I am there in that right moment.

Sometime I close my eyes and I let me carried by thoughts where they want to worn me.

When that happen I feel the sand beneath my fingers on my foot and I am playing with him through my fingers.

So nice and so calming, that relax me more than anything.

I feel the sea breeze, I feel the salt on my lips.

I feel the burning sun on my skin, I feel my skin suffering because I stayed too much in the sun that day and I don’t applied sunscreen.

I feel the water trickle on my body.

I feel my feet burning in the sand.

I hear how waves are splashing on the shore.

I hear voices of happy people.

I feel my wet hair, I feel like I am immortal.

I feel a happiness and complacency that I rarely felt.

A little more and I become a melancholy.. 😀

I will end with another picture


Have a nice and beautiful life! 😀 

Paul R.



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