Hey Neighbours :D

Today I have the task for blogging101 say Hello to the Neighbours and follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs.

Ok, let’s do this 😀

First of all I want to say that  even now I don’t know how to search for topics and find new blogs..

But, I will figure it out somehow and I will write right here who I decided to follow. 🙂

I find out, I pressed on ” Reader “ and I selected  ” Recommended Blogs “

So, I chose :


Because I like psychology and I am interested in new things.


Because I like illustration and I want to create myself a few.


This because I want to write a few books some day, maybe I will start right now.

And I want to be in touch with the new things in terms of writing.


Because the humor it is the most important thing for me.


And this because I want to do some good photos and I like to watch what others “catch” with their camera.

And this



And many others 😀

Let’s say that the task it is almost done , now I need to interact with my Neighbours.

So I start from here,

Hey, Neighbour ! 😀


Paul R.



  1. Hi, Paul. I am with you re: writing books. It appears you have many years ahead of you to accomplish your goal. Good luck to you. I am interested in reading your first “story” soon. I will be posting my promised story as I mentioned in my Intro blog. It’s just about ready. Here’s my site address: https://adman4u.wordpress.com
    Hope to hear how things are going with you.

    Liked by 1 person

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