Today I have the theme to present a picture with a street for photo 101 course that I’ve sign in πŸ™‚

I was a little undecided about what photo to put..

So this is it..



This photo it is taken on a country side.

It is a very special place for me πŸ˜€

First I thought to put this picture ..


because I thought to say something about friendship and how important it is to have them

beside us.

I chose this picture because reveals how friendship works and shows that

a friendship have many funny things, like in the image πŸ™‚

There we were at a swimming pool outside and we were going to eat somethingΒ 

because the swimming hungered us.

That’s all ! πŸ˜€Β 

Paul R.



  1. Paul, reading the tip for the assignment which prompts you create an establishing shot, I would go with the second shot of the countryside. The light is spectacular! How did you get that shot? Right place, right time?


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