This is for course blogging 101

I write this for blogging101 course, where I attended for the second time because first time I had a little time to do my daily tasks..

Hey there 😀

I don’t have anything to change on my tagline 🙂
First when I attended I had the tagline ” Just Me Paul “ and

the description It is about me and My Life “

Of course I didn’t change the tagline during the course because I thought that it was the best name for my blog.

               In fact I changed during the course .. first it was ” JUSTMEPAUL “ and the description was ” It is about me “

if I remember right…

From then to now I changed, I can see that comparing my old post with my actual posts and it is a visible difference.

Now I chose my tagline to be ” Paul R. ” because that It is my name and

I chose for description  “The Journey of my Life “

because I thought that it fits better and because It is about my journey in life.

So the name and the description will reveal what It is about my blog

and what I will write about.

Have an inspiring decision to choose your tagline!


Paul R.

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