One step forward..

One step forward to realize my dream ..

to go to America 😀

Some time ago I just finished with some paperwork and I am with a few steps away to achieve all what I need to leave the country 🙂

I’m so excited that I have no more patience until summer ..

A few things keep me away for the moment but I have time until summer to solve them

and them .. America prepare because I’m coming , 😀 

Here it is a photo with me and a few of my friends with who I’m going to America


Could not wait till summer 😀

We decided to have a motivation song that will help us to move more easily through problems and through all the difficulties that appear until we will go to U.S.A 🙂

And that song is :

Bridgit Mendler – Ready or Not

Very good song, very inspiring for us and in the same time motivates us 🙂


I never was abroad, it will be for the first time when I will leave my country and it will be for the first time when I will fly with an airplane. Can’t wait to fly with the airplane.

I’m so excited about seeing another country and leaving my own for a few months. I could not say in words what I feel 😀

So excited that I will meet new people, I will talk in a different language than mine.

I can’t imagine how it will be.

Till then I will keep you in touch with the Journey of my life . 

Take care of yourself !

Paul R. 😉


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