In this moment I am on the road to the swimming pool.

The weather it is very nice.
Cold but not so cold like it used to be :d
Seems like the heat it is coming and it is very good because I am tired of cold weather.
I just wrote a few words and my fingers are almost frozen but despite the fact that my fingers are suffering you could stay outside and have a good time with your friends.
The moon has done his job and raised on the sky, the people started to take a walk, groups of persons are getting together and talk, laugh, having good time, it is just how it meant to be. People doing what they must do and that it is Having a good time.
All people feel the warming in the atmosphere and that I could see at how they act.
Everyone jokes, everyone laughs, everyone smiles, everyone feels good, everyone have a good time. I can see that with my eyes and I can feel the joy in everyone.
A good feeling fills my soul :d
I will spend some time with my friends tonight and have some fun. I will let me to get drunk with this air that fly between us and give us a child attitude.
We will play childhood games, it will be so funny 🙂
We will be drunk with joy and happiness that we are felling and we are breathing :d
Now I leave you because I need to get back to my real life were my feelings and senses are stimulated.

Peace and love! 😀

I hope that I wrote right, without mistakes. It is for the first time when I post by my phone.



Paul R.

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