I just sign up to Photography 101 and the theme that I have to do today it is about Home..

I will start with some words

Some old man says that 

” Where it is your heart, it is your Home “

I believe that it is true because every time when I leave my family and go to another city I feel like there it is my Home, I feel like I fit there but in the same time I know that I need to go back because my family are waiting for me at Home.

The home where they are and where their heart is.

They call me to get back to complete their home and their heart.

I love them and every time I get back, until one day when I will come just to visit them because I will have my own Home. 

I feel like anywhere in this world I could make a Home, my own Home to get back to.

Home for me doesn’t means a house where to live in, or an apartment or anything like that.

For me Home means more feelings than something palpable and I say that because if you will  move in another country, another city, etc, you will fell like home in a few days, months especially if you are moving with your “ Heart ” (family) 

Home is where are you feeling good, safe , loved.

But because we all need a house that we need to call it Home I post this image that show how my House it will look like.


A few years ago I get to a Vacation home and there I saw this

I felt in love straight away 😀

This isn’t a House, it is a pavilion where the grill it is and where you can stay and eat, drink, and so on.        I don’t know the exactly word.

But, this is how I want to look my future Home, I don’t want to be big or large , I want to be modest and have what I need in it and a lot of love 😀

More and more things I could say about this but I stop here.

I could say that is My Dream House 🙂

Have a great day my friend !

Paul R.


    1. That it is good 😀 , I don’t understand why some people want big houses ..
      For what ? to lose yourself in it ?
      To play Hide an seek ? 🙂
      No , a small, modest house that has everything you need in it, it is the perfect house . Of course for me, others think different.


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