Today my dog’s food had finished and I must go shopping for him šŸ™‚

Here is his food 


I secured it because If anything happened his meal will be ok šŸ˜€

I did that because I think that If I got home without food he will throw me outside and let me sleep at the door.

I think he is bad when he is hungry and I didn’t want to provoke him, of course and sleep outside ,


I usually don’t wear my seat belt when I’m driving in town

and this time I didn’t had it too 

but I put it

on my dog’s bag of food

to be sure that if anything will happen

the bag will be okay and my dog will 

be pleased to eat again 

ha ha ha

Here is my dog :X 

Dark it’s his name 



Sleeping on my pillow of course .. like usual haha šŸ™‚


Dark says “ Hi “

He was a little bit sleepy 


Have a Great Day ! šŸ˜€

Paul R.



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