Who I am ..

Who I am ? 

Good question…

Sincerely I don’t know Who I am 

I think about this for like six months and more …

I would like to know WHO I AM … but I don’t know …

I want to know what to do with my life but I don’t know ..

       Now I eat some kiwi because I am so drunk that I could not eat anything else ..  but it is okay 😀

I was outside , I was clubbing and having some fun but not that fun that I am used to , this time I party like my friend’s wanted to ..

In a time in the night I wanted to fight with someone because he was behave like he owned the place were we party …

It isn’t that he act like an douchebag, it is that he wanted to fight with some one and searching for troubles.

He was a pain in the ass. He was mean with the others people from that party . He thought that he was the “king of the jungle”.

He was a piece of shit and I didn’t do nothing because I don’t wanted troubles but tomorrow I would give him a good fight and I will beat him up 😀 .

I am not a bad man but I will not accept any injustice.

I’m not that man .. I am a man of justice 🙂


I said that I will speak about WHO I AM

.. but I really don’t know who I am ..

I think about this question like for years and  I couldn’t discover WHO I AM 

I just found out new things that I like or I don’t like.

That it is a hard question ..

Now I am so drunk that I hardly see the buttons that I press .. don’t forgive me because this happened because of me 🙂

I know that sometimes I write a lot of bullshit, it’s okay because that bullshit it is the real life were I live in and it is no science fiction.  I just say the true that I live .

I am not a bad person but if I am caused by something I will respond .. not because I am a bad man ..just because I don’t like the injustice and I don’t like to humiliate me or others .

Fuck .. I am so drunk .. I just want to be good in life , I don’t want anything more… I just want to have a good and nice life.

I can support a lot of bad things or anything else but I can support humiliation when the strong one humiliate or take advance of the weak one… then I will react and they will be sorry that they did that. I will become a devil and I will beat them so badly that they will regret they were born.

I don’t know why human test another humans.

I don’t know why they want to know who is more powerful and when they find out they want to defeat the strong one ..  why ?

I don’t know why 😕 I ask me this question every time ..

I am a good man and I want to befriend everyone but if I will must to protect myself and my friends I will not take account of any rule.. This is me.. I can’t watch or hear that my friends are persecuted by another humans, I just get so mad that I can do some bad things .


let’s let that in the back

These days I found out that Elvis Presley has so great songs .. I couldn’t believe that he can sing that amazing

I can’t believe  that someone could sing on my soul. Elvis is matching with my soul 😀

I just can’t believe that I just founded him so late. I am sorry that I didn’t find him earlier ..

This is one song that marked me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTKo_kPlck

Man he was so good … I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard from him until now … I heard that he was great but I didn’t listen him till now.

I am amazed !!!!

Please if you know more good music by Elvis Presley please let me know , I want to listen  more of his good music ..

I had read his biography on Wikipedia and more on the web.

I can believe that such I great voice disappeared from our world… I just can’t believe it ..

I’m sorry that I departed of I wanted to say but Elvis Presley deserved to reminded him 😀

I am Paul R and I said what I wanted to say 🙂

Paul R. 😀 


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