The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards

A few days ago..

I got some good news, so good that I couldn’t sleep in that night because I was so excited about it.

Let’s see what it is about 😀

I got this message

“Writing is just one way to touch people’s heart and mind and I find your posts extra-ordinary that is why I nominate you as “The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards”. I hope you’ll accept this nomination. Continue writing and have a good day.”

from Tony So

I was nominated as “The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards”

What ? 

I was asked if I will accept the nomination ?

Seriously ? 

Couldn’t believe it..

Just couldn’t believe that I was nominated as “The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards”

Me ?

Really me ?

I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I am so excited that in the first night when I read the good news I couldn’t sleep at all.  All night I was thinking what I did to deserve that but couldn’t find an answer so that kept me awake till morning light.

All what I wrote I wrote from my heart and my soul. I wrote exactly what my heart or soul dictated me nothing else. 🙂

Me, nominated as “The Very Inspiring Blogger Awards” , just can’t believe it.

I am very proud and very thankful for this, so thankful that I don’t know what to say, I am speechless .

Here I am



Thank you Tony So 😀

Now that I said that I would continue saying  something about my beliefs.

I think that life could be lived in three ways:

  • You could live like nothing matters except you

You don’t care about others, you only care about yourself.

You are living a life of narcissism.

You think you are superior to others and you show it every time.

You don’t give a shit on weak people but you don’t know that you are weaker than them.

You don’t help your neighbor, you think that he doesn’t deserve it.

and I could go one like this till tomorrow.

  • You could live the middle way

You care about others, about yourself.

You are living a good life.

You know that you are superior others but you don’t show it.

You help everyone even if doesn’t deserve it, you think that everyone needs a second chance or you help because you feel good doing that.

You live a balanced life.

Sometimes you prefer to shut up and think than talking

and more of this stuff

  • You could live like everything is more important than you

You live secluded from others.

You avoid eye contact.

You prefer to be alone.

You have a bad thinking about you.

You think that others have more than you.

You think that life it is unfair.

  This is the bad one in my opinion

I wrote this because in my opinion this three ways govern our lives and despite the fact that you could think that you are living your life on one of this roads you are wrong. I say that because you couldn’t live your life on one way , that it is impossible. During the life you are juggling with the ways.

Like in policy when the government changes, the same thing happen to us with this ways.

We change our way every time something happens in our life or doing something different.

To change the way you are right now you need to have an iron will or to go through something painful.

Usually when you pass a painful problem you are another soul, you felt that ever ?

You feel how you are changing or changed by that random chance. In that time your way is changed in god or bad but the way it could be changed very quick and very fast if you know WHO YOU ARE.

By Who You Are I mean that you need to know yourself very well to not to be influenced by the bad things and not to go to the third way.

I know that I am telling stories here and sometimes I deviate from the subject but in the essence you understand what I mean. I hope so 🙂

I stop here because I have a bad cold and my head shouts out “GO AND REST” 

But not before I ask you something..


Who Are You = does not means where are you working or what are you doing . It means who are you in fact, what you like to do , what you love the most, what defines you …

Next time I will say WHO I AM and I encourage that you do the same, you will find out new and interesting things about yourself.

(now I am sick but it doesn’t mean that I AM A Sick Man 😀 )

Peace and Love,

Paul R.

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