Tired ..

I’m tired doing what I must do,

Tired because twenty-two hours are enough to feel wasted.

In two hours I have a day full without sleeping, It’s okay , I feel pretty good 🙂

I had read a few months ago in a magazine that if you don’t sleep like three days in a row you will have hallucinations , interesting.

I read that if you don’t sleep enough , like eight hours per day you could get the Alzheimer disease but that it isn’t a fact it’s just some studies who say so, not true in my opinion. Studies are just studies , nothing else.

I usually can’t sleep more than six hours per night/day , sometimes I sleep six-eight hours per day but not all in normal order . I sleep two-three hours , I wake up , I eat , E go outside , I do what I need to do then when I have time I’m going to sleep a few hours if I can , if not, I read , I watch a movie or I do anything else to fill the time. I hope not to get stick with Alzheimer 😀

I just read that the record of not sleeping it is of eleven days, pretty impressive. I didn’t think that someone could live without sleeping two hundred sixty-four hours , was something impossible for me till now when I discovered that we could live eleven days without sleeping , nice . 🙂

In one day I will make my own experiment . I will try to stay awake like three days at least because I want to see what my mind will show me when I will  hallucinate and want to see how it will be , how I will feel .

I could take drugs or drink a loot of alcohol or mix some of this with pills or anything else to get some hallucinations but isn’t the same.  And that part I experienced already and I know how it feels , it is nothing new to feel but staying awake like three days without anything else like alcohol and the rest of shit it’s pretty impressive.

I experienced a few times staying awake two days in a row but I was wasted in each day , not so pretty but when you are drunk you have the tendency to exaggerate so that will have force you drinking and more drinking and the time passes until  you could not drink anymore and realize that you have been drinking two days consecutive . Not so funny , you will feel like shit when you get sober , sometimes you hardly get to sleep because you are so tired and the booze makes your head spin around . It isn’t something that I like very much but I do it sometimes . We are humans , we are young , we are fated to do mistakes. Sometimes we do the same mistake over and over , Why ? I don’t know , It is in human nature to do the same thing repeatedly , mistakes are included too .

Nobody isn’t without mistake’s .

Now I will say why I’m tired doing what I must do . I’m tired because I need to stay awake many hours to do a loot of things for school , things that will not help me in the future , things that will not give me financial independence , things that aren’t developing my brain.

Now at the beginning of February I finish a post-secondary school that I started a few years ago. This gives me a loot to work, stress and no slipping nights doing my certificate, learning and preparing to exhibit them.

Like this wasn’t enough last year I sign up at university knowing that I will finish the post-secondary school this year. I wanted to complicate my life doing a graduate school that will or will not help me in the future, that I will see .

So in this time of the year I have my first semester exams and like any exam I need to study to pass them , hard to do right now because I am really excited with doing my certificate and preparing to get my diploma on the other school . Maybe I will get a job in the field , maybe , maybe not. We will see what will happen.

In a few words .. I don’t know what will happen but now I know that I am a little bit tired but not sleepy , I am able to do anything .

My body isn’t tired , I don’t feel tired , I don’t feel needing sleep or resting , I didn’t even yawn 😀 . So I can carry on.

Now I will go to enjoy a coffee , Hope to not fall in to sleep with my head on the table. Ha Ha Ha

I have four-five hours until the sun will show his brightness again, until then I will be awake, I hope so .. the coffee better do the trick that is designed for.

I just yawned right now 🙂

Hopefully I’ll finish everything and the take a nap break.

Until then I’m going back to work.. lots of things to do.

Take Care ! 😀

Paul R.


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