Writing about what should I do today.

I write some lines about what I should do but I’m not doing.

First of all , tomorrow I have an exam at economics it is not hard but it is important to me because if I don’t pass the exams I could not go to America and that it is an important problem to me.

Now I write because I don’t want to learn for the exam I just throw a view on the papers. I like to write more than to stay and study. I don’t want to say that I don’t like to study , I just want to say that I like to study what I like 😀 and economics isn’t an object that I like very much to study but I need to . The true it is that I don’t study very much at objects/things that I don’t like , I just read the content one or two times before the exam. Sometimes I just read a few paragraphs and the luck that I have makes the universe to give me the subject that I just read or something with a connection , I am very delighted when happens and happened a lot of times. So that gave me the trust that the universe is on my side 🙂 . Of course sometimes the universe it is mad on me because I expect every time to help me and he gives me a lesson with not passing the exam , sad.. but in re-examination I learn hardly and the universe it is good to me and get a good grade . I can learn before the exam at each of them but I don’t do it because I don’t want to . I can learn a loot of things that I never will use in my life but I don’t want to . I prefer reading or going to the gym or watching a good movie , listening to music , this not because I’m lazy because I’m not. I just don’t like to do what I don’t like to do , in the end it’s my life . 

This thing started a few years ago when I found out about the Personal Development . A best friend borrowed me a book , then I didn’t like to read because I was a sheep in a crowd, I had the mind washed by the system and I did not want to be different or to be smart because my friends will not hang out with me anymore . So I decided to be STUPID like my many friends back then, now It is much better . Now I’m smarter not the smartest but willing to be.

I had the will to be different , to learn , to ask questions , to do different things.

One day one of my best friends , a smart one this time 🙂 , recommended me the book : 

Piano on the beach by Jim Dornan

 Piano On the Beach


Was my first book of Personal Development and was so great that I felt a Hunger of Knowledge , was the first time when I felt that feeling, so great that I just was so enthusiastic that I wake up every day telling someone about what I just read. Good days. From then till now I evolved very nice , sure In my opinion 😀

I know that I repeated the word ” was ” more than I should . I just not find a replacement , Hope that will not be a problem 😀 .

Since then I search anything that I don’t agree or I don’t want to waste my time learning something that I will forget very next day, no no no , not me , not now. I will learn if I must to but I will never be able to learn something I do not like how I learn something I like, That’s the Fact.

I know that sometimes I just “jump from one to another” like my friends like to say it. I write what I feel in this right moment and I write what I have in my mind . Usually I do this because I have so much to say and share that I lose myself in the words. 😉

Peace and have a Good Day !

Paul R.


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