Hi all :D Today I just want to say something that I feel in these right moment .

Hello šŸ˜€ 

I am a little drunk right now , It’s  fine . I am not very drunk but enough to say what the hack I want, feel me?  šŸ˜€

Tonight I got out with one good old friend, we should drink some tea.. that was the plan at first.. but usually when we say that we wake up drinking lots of alcohol , it is something normal? I think so.. we are teenagers we must do crappy things. If not now then when ?

I just want to say is that we must do what the hack we want to do . We are the chief of our life , we decide if we want something or not. Our parents can suggest what we can do or should do and sometimes must do.. this just to achieve their wishes but frequently our wishes aren’t the same with our parents so we need to find a middle way.. achieve our goals and make our parents proud. 

They have they right to nag us because they were like us and they want all the best for us. But that don’t give them the right to change our minds and hearts.

I don’t say that you shouldn’t listen to your parents , I just say that you need to think by yourself šŸ˜€ . 

If you want something badly you could tell your parents. If they aren’t so enthusiastic like you, you should show them why you like what you like so much, then they will understand but be explicitly and be aware that they maybe will not understand what you want to do but be persuasive and you will succeed.

So these lines that I had lyed on paper is my own struggle with my parents. They want too many things at once .. to be a savant but to be the best athlete too and more like this.

 It is hard to explain them that I want something different from what they want for me. It is hard because they don’t know that the world had changed since they where at my age . They think that you need a school to be somebody to have a high value .. but that it isn’t true anymore.. People changed, world changed.

And you can be somebody just for being yourself, I believe in this. 

They are just indoctrinated with the old beliefs. I don’t judge them, they will not change. You need to be you and give an example that you succeed in life being you.. and doing what you like and want to do.

Prove them they’re wrong!

Be an EXAMPLE !!!

Don’t argue, Don’t be angry, Don’t keep sadness in your soul, Don’t be mad ..



Paul R.


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