In these post I will approach two questions : Who I am and Why I’m here

I start with Who I am ,

My name is Roman Paul but I use Paul R. like nickname , I like it more because it is shorter and keeps an aura of mystery . I like to look like a mystery man , it’s funny.

I live in Romania. My native language is Romanian.

I like sports, I practiced some on my own like wrestling, handball, swimming, kickboxing.

I am a good person. I never get angry easy. All the time I am happy , funny , interested to do fun things but sometimes I can be in another world, as my friends like to say . Sometimes I just think and dream with open eye.

I think I said a few things so you could make a first impression about me till now 😀

The second question that I approached is

Why I’m here ?

The reply is :

I am here because I would like to have my own blog were to write what I think and what I do. It is a blog for myself , I don’t know if it is selfish or not but that is what I feel to write on my blog.

In the past I had an attempt to write. I created a blog but I didn’t write anything, for that with the coming of the new year I proposed to write whatever what. So I just open and write my first post in Romanian , I write because I know that the start is more difficult than everything it will settle. For my luck when I just posted I saw something with these course blogging 101, instantly I enrolled. 😀

Another reason why I am here is that I want to learn more english , I want to practice more and be able to write and speak like a native. In the summer I will go to America with work&travel and I want to be prepared . I will write the entire experience, from start to the end . I will write what I will feel , describe places , people , things . It will be interesting .

These are the answers of the : Who I am and Why I’m here .

Hope to enjoy and give feedback 😉


Paul R. 😀



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